Should I whiten my teeth?

A lot of people have asked themselves this question, but few of them have actually proceeded in doing so. One of the reasons behind this is that there seems to be uncertainty as to whether the procedure is damaging to the teeth or not. Teeth whitening, along with orthodontic procedures, is the least invasive form of aesthetic therapy. Therefore, without touching the teeth or using a drill, we are able to completely alter our smile appearance and enhance it with the radiance that it may have been lacking.



Could whitening be damaging to the teeth?

The answer is a definite no, provided that all safety measures have been taken. Subsequently, therapy must be overseen by the dentist, and the use of bleaching substance or cosmetics should be avoided without the dentist’s counselling.
In modern dentistry there are three main whitening methods. The first one is in-office whitening, which is applied by a professional dentist. The second is at-home whitening, which is used by the patient with the help of whitening trays, under the dentist’s supervision, and the third is a combination of the above methods.


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