• What is beauty?

    The answer to this question “What is beauty?” has been a quest since the beginning of time. However, beauty seems to be a subjective notion that cannot be defined in absolute terms.
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  • Basic Principles of Smile Design

    Research has proven that to the question of which structure is the most important in a person’s attractiveness, the face is by far the most common answer. And to the question of which facial characteristic is the most important, smile comes first.
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  • Should I whiten my teeth?

    A lot of people have asked themselves this question, but few of them have actually proceeded in doing so. One of the reasons behind this is that there seems to be uncertainty as to whether the procedure is damaging to the teeth or not.
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  • Your first visit to the dental office

    During your first visit to the office, you will be acquainted with the dentist, who will obtain complete and thorough medical and dental records. Subsequently, you will undergo a dental check-up.
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  • Design your smile

    Complete a questionnaire on the aesthetics of your smile and help us understand your needs to get the best results...
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